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Conceptual Creative Director
Art Director Background

Inventive and engaging, I am a creative leader with extensive experience conceptualizing, presenting, and selling campaign ideas to household-name corporate clients. In my most current role, I've lead a virtual creative team of 20-30 and collaborate with other teams around the world to execute innovative e-commerce, B2B, and consumer campaigns for a $2B educational services company.

As a conceptual problem solver, I am skilled at developing fresh, disruptive ideas for global brands based on solid, data-driven rationale. A partial list of my satisfied corporate clients includes Exxon Mobil, Ocean Spray, Kona Beer, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, NASCAR Subaru, American Airlines, and Nationwide Insurance.

I am a collaborative communicator focused on building top performing creative teams and fostering positive client relationships to design award-winning campaigns. Below are a few of my signature achievements:

• Recognized for building global brand ecosystems and unique, engaging campaigns incorporating both digital, print, experiential, and event-based marketing to create conversation and engagement with client products.
• Proven track record of conceiving and executing Addy & Webby award-winning campaigns for national and international corporate clients, cultivating long term relationships with stakeholders and clients.
• Demonstrated success building, scaling, and managing highly productive virtual creative teams utilizing an engaging management style and sense of humor, credited with facilitating a positive, supportive team culture.

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